Bikini Wax Guide

Summertime means sun, fun, and showing more skin than during the winter months. For this reason, many women choose to endure a bikini wax as a way to get smooth, hair-free skin when they are lounging by the pool. While some women may choose to go to a salon for a bikini wax, many women prefer to purchase bikini wax kits for home hair removal. If this is your first time using a waxing product, this guide will help you purchase products that will make the waxing process gentle on your skin.

Soft Wax vs. Hard Wax

When purchasing the wax, buyers have the choice between soft wax and hard wax. In terms of consistency, soft and hard waxes are the same. They both need to be heated in the microwave or in hot water for a period of time. The difference between these two products is how they cure and how they remove hair from the body.

When soft wax cures it stays pliable and soft. To remove the wax the person must use a wax strip made of muslin or pellon. Hard wax hardens as it dries, making a wax strip unnecessary for hair removal.

Which one is better? Both waxing products are effective at removing unwanted hair from the bikini area, but many women prefer using hard wax because it is less painful. Soft wax adheres not only to the hair, but to the skin as well. When a person uses a wax strip to remove the hair, the skin is also stretched and pulled creating additional discomfort during and after the procedure. Hard wax only attaches to the hair, resulting in less pain and less irritation following the procedure.

Ready-to-Use Waxing Strips

Women purchasing at-home bikini wax kits also have the option of purchasing ready-to-use wax strips. These strips already have wax applied to them. The strips themselves can be fabric, but most are plastic. Manufacturers apply wax to two strips and then seal them together. Unlike soft and hard wax products, ready-to-use wax strips cannot be heated in the microwave or in hot water. Instead, the user rubs the strips vigorously between their hands to heat up the product. The strips are them peeled apart, applied to the bikini area, and the pulled off quickly to uproot the hair from the area.

Ready-to-use waxing strips can be extremely harsh on one’s skin and they are not as effective as soft or hard wax products. Women that have fine hair or very little hair may have success with this product, but as a whole they tend to create unnecessary irritation.

Preparation and Cleansing

Regardless of which type of wax you choose to purchase, women need to prepare the area properly for the best results. Exfoliating the area before you begin will get rid of dead skin that could interfere with the waxing process. You may also want to consider taking ibuprofen 30 minutes before you begin to take the edge off the pain. It is also important that the hair is an adequate length to ensure the wax can grip the hair well. Reading the instructions on the back of the product you bought will also help you obtain optimal results.



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